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SNAKE_OIL_SALESMAN_QUACKERY_390Beware the Snake Oil Salesmen – those silver-tongued folk who make great promises of corporate fortune mining Customer data.

Don’t get me wrong – there is enormous wealth in the data that resides within organizations. But getting to it and making good use of it can be like walking in a minefield.

Take the Conservation community, including NGOs and State Fish and Wildlife Agencies. These guardians of wildlife and habitat sit on top of some of the most comprehensive Customer data in the country.

  • Can they even get to it? Not very easily.
  • Is the data structured and easily understood? Hardly.
  • Are the various Customer databases even connected? Get real.

 Imagine that hunters are required to complete Hunter Education as a first step to becoming a paying Customer. Now imagine that your vendors delivering digital learning on your behalf give you wonderfully robust and well-formatted data.

 These newly minted Hunter Education graduates are now qualified sales leads. Do you think that sales data is then used to market to potential license buyers?

Sadly no. And so it goes…

State Fish and Wildlife Agencies are at a crossroads. License sales are falling and they are not replacing dying customers with fresh new ones.

The opportunity is clear; the demand is there; the data exists to help make the sale.

 These agencies will need to give great time, resource and funding to get to the data they will need to stay in business.

Snake Oil Salesmen will tell them that it’s a walk in the park. Throw more money at the research and not at the solution. That’s the way we have always done it.

Wrong Answer. Treat the business of Fish and Wildlife like a business and not a research park.

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