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Square Credit Card ReaderOne of the biggest challenges that State Fish and Wildlife agencies have is talking about money.

As a bunch of biologists committed to critters and fishes, it hurts many of them to assign a monetary value to the great work that they do.

My good friends at the Missouri Department of Conservation have worked hard with partners like Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and United Sportsmen’s Alliance to knock down barriers to participation. Their Apprentice License program is a great example.

Imagine if this article/press release was a bit more direct, maybe something like this:

“Conservation is Missouri is funded largely through hunting and fishing license sales.
We need these funds to match with excise tax dollars on guns, bows and bullets, funds that topped $600 million last year alone. These taxes are paid by you, the dedicated sportsmen of our great state.
We use these funds to build shooting ranges, preserve habitat and create places for hunters to hunt and wildlife for all of our citizens to enjoy.
Nationally we have seen a 20-year decline in license sales.
Over the years we have made our regulations far too complex and we have made it harder to try, buy and use our products.
Our Apprentice License program is a great first step to make it easier to buy a license and directly fund Conservation in Missouri.
This program is safe and effective. It temporarily removes the barrier of hunter education, allowing a try before you buy approach while keeping hunting safe.
Your license dollars are hard at work for you. Find someone that you can take with you under this program and so they can buy a license as well.
We all love the outdoors and it costs money to keep it up.
Spend the money. Get your friends and family that have never hunted to join you under this program so they can spend the money.
It will be worth it, guaranteed.”