Content Marketing – Creating Stories That Customers Want to Read and Share

Conservation in America is one of the greatest untold stories of our time – and no one knows because biologists are lousy storytellers.

The remarkable successes made by State Fish and Wildlife Agencies remain largely overshadowed by organizations and groups with better funding, better capabilities, more staff and a better plan. Our stories are there to be told and our audience is waiting to hear them.

This interactive workshop is designed to help agency staff reclaim the Conservation Story by thinking differently about Content as a Marketing tool to tell the rich and powerful stories that Customers want to enjoy and share.

Program Outline—Day 1

State of the Industry — Storytelling is Marketing

  • Words Matter, Images Matter More.
  • My Story Becomes Your Story.
  • Stories Designed for Mobile–First Consumption.
  • Two–Way Conversations. Data Drives Content Design, Selection and Creation.
  • Customers Choose Where They Consume Content.
  • Trust is Earned.

State of the Agency — How Good is Your Story?

  • A group assessment of the Agency’s storytelling capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Content Marketing — The Details

  • Customers Want Stories that Enrich Their Lives.
  • Customers Want Stories that Give Them Hope.
  • Customers Want Stories that Reflect Themselves.
  • Powerful Stories are More Powerful than Advertising.
  • GoPro Changed the Content Marketing Paradigm.
  • Producing a Measurable ROI With Content Marketing.

Program Outline—Day 2

Conducting a Content Marketing Audit

People have been telling stories since the beginning of time. And well before the written word developed, images were the primary vehicle used to convey mankind’s thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Today’s Customer is visually stimulated and successful organizations have become experts at telling stories with images.

Using the lessons learned from Day 1, attendees will create the framework to perform a thorough content audit as a precursor to developing an effective Content Marketing plan.

Workshop Details

The workshop is designed for agency leadership senior managers responsible for designing and delivering Customer facing products and services.

Attendees should include Agency Directors and their chiefs, plus IT, Legal, Law Enforcement and Finance leadership. Directors may wish to include select Commissioners as well.

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