Customers Want Great Experiences They Can Share

Great Customer Experiences generate increased satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy resulting in long-term and sustainable revenue growth.

State Fish and Wildlife Agencies work hard to ensure wildlife and habitat are optimized for a great experience. Unfortunately, most are constricted by insufficient staffing and funding directed toward their Customers’ social and digital experiences.

This interactive workshop introduces agency staff to the concepts and principles of delivering great Customer Experiences enabling them to build a development plan for improving these experiences for their Customers.

Program Outline—Day 1

State of the Industry — Customer Experience

  • Customer Journeys, Not Transactions, Matter Most.
  • 360 Degree Customer View.
  • Online and Offline Experiences Optimization.
  • Trust Equates to Loyalty and Advocacy
  • < 10% of Customers EVER Complain, They Just Leave.
  • Resources & Dollars Shifting Toward CX Management.
  • Positive Experiences = Revenue and Growth

State of the Agency — Customers’ Experiences

  • A group assessment of the quality, strengths and weak- nesses of the Customer Experiences your agency delivers.

Customer Experiences — The Details

  • Letting Go — Customers Are in Control.
  • Customer Service IS Marketing.
  • That One Bad Experience Kills Customer Relationship.
  • Value Trumps Price, Always.
  • Designing Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics.
  • Embracing Technology to Deliver All CX Experiences.

Program Outline—Day 2

Creating A Customer Experience Journey Map Every Customer is on a unique journey and each in- teracts with State Fish and Wildlife Agencies differ- ently. Each touch point and moment of truth is an opportunity to delight a Customer, or to disappoint that Customer. Using insights gained on Day 1, attendees will build a framework for customized Customer Journey Maps to help staff improve experiences for each different Customer segments.

Workshop Details

The workshop is designed for agency leadership senior man- agers responsible for designing and delivering Customer facing products and services. Attendees should include Agency Directors and their chiefs, plus IT, Legal, Law Enforcement and Finance leadership. Directors may wish to include select Commissioners as well.

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