Do You Snapchat Your Success Stories? How about offer Customer Service using Facebook Messenger Bots?

Maybe you’ve made a series of clever “how-to” Instagram videos for the upcoming fishing or hunting season?

Just when you thought you had Social Media all figured out with a Facebook page and Twitter feed, the players and your Customers changed the rules of the game.

This interactive workshop provides agency staff with the latest insights into the world of Social Relationships, the rapid pace of changes taking place and recommendations on how best to leverage these platforms for the future.

Program Outline—Day 1

State of the Industry — Social Media

  • Social is Now Mainstream.
  • Speed of Demographic Changes are Frightening.
  • Customer Service is Rapidly Moving to Social.
  • Social Platform Acquisitions are Irrational.
  • Customers are More Demanding and Fickle.
  • Customers Give Businesses One Shot at Breaking Trust.
  • Concept of Privacy Continues to Evolve.

State of the Agency — Are You Social Enough

  • A group assessment of your Agency’s Social Presence, Capabilities and Customer Relationships.

Social Relationships — The Details

  • Knowing Your Limits and Choosing Where NOT to Be.
  • Developing Platform-Specific Content.
  • Launch, Measure, Fail, Iterate, Launch Again.
  • Empowering Employees But Setting Boundaries.
  • Social = Mobile = Local.
  • Embedding Social at the Heart of Each Agency Program.

Program Outline—Day 2

Building a Social Relationship Strategy

The era of one person as “Social Media Manager” is rapidly fading, and that’s a good thing.

Progressive organizations know that Social Relationships are at the heart of each Customer Relationship, and they know this is good for business.

Using proven success models tailored to the agency’s mission and goals, we will create the framework for building a solid Social Relationship Strategy for your Agency.

Workshop Details

The workshop is designed for both agency leadership and senior managers responsible for designing and delivering Customer facing products and services.

Attendees should include Agency Directors and their chiefs, plus IT, Legal, Law Enforcement and Finance leadership. Directors may wish to include select Commissioners as well.

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