Sales and Marketing — Conservation’s Future

State Fish and Wildlife Agencies are superb at delivering habitat enhancements and science-based wildlife management but most are lousy at performing like a Business.

This interactive workshop introduces agency staff to the basics of Sales and Marketing enabling them to infuse proven, successful tactics and strategies into the agency’s ongoing business operations. Armed with this knowledge, staff can begin to develop better products and services to grow license sales and revenues.

Program Outline—Day 1

State of the Digital Marketing Today

  • Customer Experience Journeys.
  • Social Trust and Word of Mouth Promotion.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Multi-Channel Sales Strategies.
  • Value-Based Products and Pricing Models.
  • Data-Driven Business Decisions.
  • Emerging and Evolving Technology Adoption.

State of the Agency— Setting the Baseline

  • A group assessment of the Agency’s Sales and Marketing capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Sales and Marketing—The Details

  • Designing Marketing Research.
  • Improving Product Design and Development.
  • Creating Go-to-Market Plans.
  • Transforming PR into Social Communication.
  • Embracing Technology, Data and Analytics.
  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Returns on Investment.

Program Outline—Day 2

Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The foundation of any successful business is a clear Customer-centric strategy designed to deliver products and services that inform, delight or enrich the lives of its Customers.

This strategy comes to life through innovative product development, creative marketing plans, social connectivity and embrace of ever-disruptive technologies.

Using proven business models, attendees will build a customized framework for development of a Comprehensive and Successful Marketing Plan for their agency.

Workshop Details

The workshop is designed for agency leadership senior managers responsible for designing and delivering Customer facing products and services.

Attendees should include Agency Directors and their chiefs, plus IT, Legal, Law Enforcement and Finance leadership. Directors may wish to include select Commissioners as well.

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