Using Data to Drive SMART Business Decisions

Big Data. Small Data. Rich Data. Dirty Data. Leaky Data. Data DashboardsThe Right Data.

State Fish and Wildlife Agencies sit atop mountains of incredibly rich data that can deliver personalized services and exceptional Customer Experiences. Most agencies excel at using data to make science-based Conservation decisions but many lack the capabilities and technologies to use Data for their Customers’ benefit.

This interactive workshop introduces agency staff to the fundamentals of Data Strategies and Analytics as critical tools to strengthen Customer relationships, reduce license sales churn and grow sustainable revenues.

Program Outline—Day 1

State of the Industry — Data Analytics Today

  • The Basics — 1’s and 0’s for non-Geek Agency Staff.
  • The Benefits of a Strong Data Strategy.
  • The Four V’s of Good Data Management.
  • Internal + External + Mobile Data = 360 Degree View.
  • Predicting Customer Need vs. Customer Churn.
  • Data Security, Privacy and Customer Trust.
  • Machine-Driven vs . People-Driven Marketing.

State of the Agency — How Good is Your Data

  • A group assessment of the Agency’s Data Capture and Analytic capabilities, gaps and new opportunities.

Data-Driven Experiences — The Details

  • Making Better Decisions Using Data Intelligence.
  • Using Social Signals to Predict Customer Demand.
  • Driving Sales and Loyalty Through Personalization.
  • Scaling Customer Service Through Customer Data.
  • Using Google Analytics, Dashboards, and Reporting.
  • Creating Revenue Projections and Financial Modeling.

Program Outline—Day 2

Conducting an Agency Data Audit

Data drives well-reasoned business decisions and it is critical to success, or failure.

Sound data strategies start with a clear roadmap, beginning with an audit of existing datasets, server locations, file formats, ownership and accessibility. This audit will also identify missing datasets or new information to be gathered or created based on business needs.

Using lessons learned in Day 1, attendees will design the framework to construct an integrated Agency Data Strategy.

Workshop Details

The workshop is designed for agency leadership senior managers responsible for designing and delivering Customer facing products and services.

Attendees should include Agency Directors and their chiefs, plus IT, Legal, Law Enforcement and Finance leadership. Directors may wish to include select Commissioners as well.

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