Adult onset

I have worked for many years in different parts of the world, in different cultures and many languages.

The one thing you learn quickly (and sometimes painfully) is that words mean different things to different people and great care needs to be taken when applying labels to people.

So my friends in the Conservation world are really trying hard to find ways to connect with young adults and turn them into lifelong hunters.

Hunting license sales and hunting participation have been on a steady decline for the past 20+ years and this is having a dramatic and negative impact on State Fish and Wildlife agencies.


State agencies have labels for young people who are prospective Customers – they call them “youth.” It’s a awkward word that’s pretty impersonal but hey it could be worse.

They have labels for old white guys that make up the bulk of the license buying Customer population – they call them “mentors.” It’s a very presumptuous word that implies each and everyone of these guys are fit to teach, lead, coach and nurture “youth.”

Then there are the folks in the middle – that uncomfortable group with tats and earloops and clothes that make agency staff cringe.

They like to call them “Adult Onset Hunters,” which sounds like a disease. They like to call them “Millennials” but not really.

The latest term du jour is “Hipster Hunter.” ┬áIt’s as bad as “Adult Onset Hunter.”

Both can describe people who hunt but are easily twisted to be about hunting people as the right hand image above shows.

Stop with the Labels Already!

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