newsroom_1920Many journalists and many more publishers look backward at the “golden age” of news and journalism with a tear in their eye and longing for the good old days to return.

So do State Fish and Wildlife Agencies …

Have you ever noticed the similarities between the newspaper business and many

state fish and wildlife agency businesses?

Both long for the day when the local newspaper would give them all the news they could ever want, (allegedly) unbiased and unafraid.

Both long for the days where they controlled the story, the medium and had a captive audience that “trusted” them.

The good old days were good for publishers and agencies raking in 25%+ margins with their cash-rich businesses.

This story describes the ongoing debate surrounding the labels “aggregator” and “curator.” Depending upon the journalist perspective, one may be better than the other.

But the premise of the labels is misplaced.

Readers don’t care about the words you use to describe your service. They care about the value of the service you provide and the benefit they receive by using your service.

It’s funny when you think about that “golden age” of journalism.

Newspapers since their inception have been aggregating and curating news. Original reporting has always been a small portion of the content in newspapers and now online.

Successful publishers deliver value by adding context, perspective and ease of access to otherwise commodity news content.