Social Technology Strategies

Technology is Now an Arms Race

We are in the midst of one of the biggest technology revolutions ever. Never before have so many established businesses been unseated by start-ups that created revolutionary and disruptive products and services. Innovation is driving customer acquisition, and mobile adoption and location-based services are on a meteoric rise. Companies that embrace social technology leadership and constant innovation as a core competencies enjoy a strategic advantage over less digital and less agile competitors. They mine data for social signals and new ideas. They provide superior Customer service using the latest digital tools available at lower costs while providing greater insight into their Customers wants, needs and desires.

Emerging Technology is Not for the Faint of Heart

Massive opportunities await for those organizations leveraging these emerging social and mobile technologies to enhance Customer Experiences and grow strong businesses. Forward looking businesses are rapidly embracing mobile-first, social IT strategies. They are increasing technical and human capital investments, acquiring new skills and capabilities, entering into dynamic new partnerships and obsessing with the Customer’s Experience as delivered to mobile devices.

Trust an Experienced Technology Leader

Dakota Partners has significant experience helping organizations stay ahead of the technology curve. We have designed and built large and complex content management and transaction systems serving both consumers and professional Customers around the world. Dakota Partners is the right firm to help clients win the race for consumers’ attention, loyalty and dollars. Technology leadership rests at the core of business strategies. Technology must support business operations today and be flexible enough to handle tomorrow’s needs as well. We guide clients as they develop and implement systems and processes to ensure they remain competitive and exceed Customer expectations. We do this by helping clients answer the following questions:

    • What will we need from technology to exceed Customer expectations in today’s digital world and beyond?
    • How can we use technology to win against existing competitors and defend against new ones?
    • Can we develop an organizational culture that thrives on agility and change?
    • What are the resources, skills and funding requirements needed to become a technology leader?
    • How will we manage the risks that accompany new technologies ?
    • How will we measure, manage and constantly adapt our technology strategies to ensure a return on our investment?

Investments in technology have become a cornerstone of corporate strategies. Successful organizations understand the incredible value derived from well-executed technology solutions. Dakota Partners develops Social Technology Strategies enabling you to harness the power of disruptive technologies and mobile-first design. We help clients use the strategies to build stronger Customer relationships, fend off the competition, manage risk and grow their businesses.