For State Fish and Wildlife Agencies, this is a very important chart that carries a very important message.

JiWire-Mobile-Spending-Comfort-Retail-Purchases-Aug2013 (1)Mobile is dominating purchase behavior and will only grow in frequency and importance. For Conservation agencies, this means adopting technologies to facilitate mobile transactions.

 But what does that really mean for them?


First they need to understand that mobile is not a formatting issue but a design imperative. Trying to squeeze a mobile skin on a poorly designed site will just frustrate customers.

Beyond that they need to understand who their Customers are what they are buying.

Hunting licenses are significantly more expensive for out-of-state residents than for an Agency’s citizens.

Using the chart above as one point of reference, it suggest that state residents are more inclined to use a mobile phone to complete a <$25 annual license.

Out out state license buyers could pay upwards of $1,000 for permits, tags and license fees. It is a much larger purchase.

This chart would suggest that agencies create mobile experiences based on platform, user location, and product selection.

That’s Phase 2.

Phase 1 has to be an aggressive project to design mobile first experiences for their Customers.

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