goals_and_plansIt really does not matter which industry you work in. The main goal, the only goal, that really matters is creating a positive Return on Investment.

My friends in the Conservation community might say they are “different” … that a financial ROI is less important than say, “educating the public on the benefits that accrue…” through Conservation.

Education is certainly important. Without knowledge and awareness of your products and services, no one would buy and no income would flow to pay their salaries.

Conveying this information to the public is very challenging for state fish and wildlife agencies.

Most often, agency staff want to tell the public what they have done, how many deer they have grown, how the agency staff are really smart when it comes to waters and fields and forests.

But what the public wants to know from their (repeat “their”) state fish and wildlife agency is pretty simple. What’s in this for me? Why sound I care?

Which all comes back to ROI. All of the outreach, education, social posts and likes are fairly meaningless.

If the public isn’t convinced by all of this that they should buy your product – a hunting or fishing license – then the ROI is Zero.

 Zero. No business or agency can exists with Zero.

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