facebook-NYT-gun-salesConservation groups continue to lose the message wars when it comes to guns and hunting.

As opponents to hunting and shooting work the system to press their agendas, Conservationist remain silently on the sideline taking ineffective pot shots at the antis and traditional media.


Take a read of this NY Times story.

Lot’s of quotes from people with a gun control agenda. And an effective quote from Chris Cox of the NRA.

But where are the quotes from Conservationists about the incredible economic and cultural benefits from hunting and shooting?

Where is the quote that declares that hunting is the 2nd largest employer in America?

Where is the quote that tells concerned citizens that the self-imposed excise on guns and bullets has contributed more than $8 billion to Conservation so that they and their families can enjoy the outdoors?

People won’t know about all of the good things that come from the sales and use of guns and bullets unless someone tells them.

It’s a sure bet that the NY Times isn’t going to go down that road.

Opportunity Lost is Opportunity Lost Forever.