Content Marketing Strategies

Compelling Content Drives Customer Loyalty and Increases Sales

Storytelling is as old as mankind. For generations people have shared information, experiences and ideas with each other and their communities using real examples to make them come alive. A genuine and compelling story can win hearts, minds and have customers embrace your story as their own.

Businesses have been delivering user-friendly content to sell the products for nearly as long. While new terms like “Content Marketing” and “Native Advertising” are growing in use, the objective has always been the same.

When you share a story with a Customer that helps them make better decisions, binds them to like-minded individuals, ties them to your brand or enriches their lives, they will become loyal followers, powerful advocates and your best Customers.

Dakota Partners helps clients develop Content Marketing Strategies by answering the following questions:

    • Why do we want to investing in Content Marketing?
    • Who are the Customers we want to reach with our Content Marketing efforts?
    • Where are the resources, skills and funding requirements to execute a successful Content Marketing Strategies?
    • What content is most desirable, enjoyable and persuasive for our Customers?
    • How will we measure, manage and adapt our Content Marketing to ensure a return on our investment?

Connecting Content with Customers

How you communicate the value of your products and services is critical. Words matter. Images matter more. Wherever possible you want to control the shape, tone and content surrounding your brand, products and services.

Content Marketing is not PR and press releases. That content is one-directional and often appears to customers as self-serving and shouting.

Content Marketing is a communication framework designed to attract and retain Customers by consistently creating and curating content with the goal to change or enhance their behavior. This content is designed and developed from the Customers’ perspective and designed to service the Customer’s interest, not the organization’s goals. It must provide meaningful information to help people make better decisions or enrich their lives.

The Business Value of Storytelling

Effective Content Marketing is all about creating meaningful photos, videos and stories that people want to share with friends, family and community. It must be consistent, delivered to where your Customers are, and it must be relevant and engaging. Organizations must be active and responsive to Customer comments, questions and complaints online.

Above all, it must be about the Customer’s needs, not yours.

Content Marketing Strategies must be reflect the core values of your brand. They must be clearly convey the benefits for the Customer when engaging your brand. They must become a core competency that supports business objectives and employees across the enterprise must be empowered to fully engage with Customers on their terms.

Storytelling is Sharing!


Dakota Partners develops and delivers innovative Content Marketing Solutions that target the right Customers with the right content, at all the right times and in all the right places.  We help you turn your compelling stories into the powerful Customer recruiting and retention tools in your arsenal.