Trusted Advisory Services

Dakota Partners offers clients flexible access and personal advice from trusted sources and industry leaders. Our services equip decisions makers with the knowledge and tools they need to grow their businesses and delight their customers. Our most popular services include:

Understanding the Latest Trends

Innovation is moving at the speed of light.

Staying on top of the latest social, cultural and technology development trends is almost impossible when you have a business to run. Dakota Partners provides clients the latest insights into these trends through email updates and regular blogs posts on the topics that matter most to you.

Developing Strategic Partnerships

The Power and Success of Your Business Comes From the Strength of Your Network.

Dakota Partners works with clients to identify, develop and close the right Strategic Partnerships that make sense for their organizations. We help you define requirements, negotiate, design and execute critical third-party relationships to enhance and extend your brand and close more sales.

Building Investment Strategies

Organizations that invest money wisely make money and grow loyal customer bases.

We help clients develop investment strategies for sales and marketing, technology, product development and employee performance development. We help you ensure that your investments clearly align with and support your business objectives.

Training and Education

Successful organizations know that an educated workforce that is constantly learning is a competitive advantage.

Dakota Partners understands this and develops workshops and training programs for clients in the areas that matter most to their business. These workshops and programs may focus on:

    • Marketing, Sales and Revenue¬†Strategies
    • Technology Evaluation
    • Data Discovery and Analysis
    • Social Media
    • Storytelling and Content Creation
    • Crisis Management
    • Intellectual Property

These workshops and programs are designed specifically for each client and tailored to meet your specific needs. They can be delivered by phone, Skype Conference or in person.

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

Inspire your employees and convert your Customers.

Whether you are leading organizational change, building new Customer Experience strategies or launching new products and services, Dakota Partners can help you galvanize your employees, inspire innovation or persuade your Customers. When you need an energetic speaker for your conference, panel participation or client presentation, we can help you close the deal by delivering industry insights and visions of the future tailored to meet your needs.