Social Intelligence Solutions

Successful companies use Social Intelligence to drive strategic business decisions

Every second of every day, massive amounts of data are being generated from every website, online transaction, social network, mobile device and application on the planet. At the same time, businesses are creating their own internal data and sit atop a wealth of Customer lists, transaction records and website data. And each day organizations are finding new ways to capture even more data as technology races forward.

Combining and analyzing these two data sets generates enormous opportunities for organizations to protect and grow their businesses. Business that excel in this discipline beat their competition by creating better Customer Experiences, improve efficiency while reducing costs, building new products and services and fending off competition.

Uncovering Hidden Value

Analytics can surface hidden insights such as peer influence among customers, revealed by analyzing existing customer transactions with social and geographical data. It can help businesses identify new revenue streams and partnership opportunities to win and retain customers. It can turn passive customers into passionate advocates. More data leads to more accurate analyses. More accurate analyses leads to better decision making. Better decisions can mean greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions and reduced risk.

Businesses do not have a problem with to little data – they have a problem with too much data that lives without structure, meaning and fundamental analysis.

Dakota Partners develops comprehensive Social Intelligence Solutions enabling clients to easily and effectively blend internal customer data with valuable social signals. We help clients understand the data that matters most to their business and we help them design the systems and processes to use this valuable Social Intelligence to grow their businesses.

Aligning Data Intelligence Investment Priorities with Organizational Strategies

Social Intelligence Strategies must align with core business and investment strategies and must answer critical strategic, operational and financial questions. Dakota Partners helps clients develop these strategies by answering the following questions:

    • Why do we want to investing in building data intelligence capabilities?
    • Who will use these tools and for what purposes?
    • Where is the data we need to analyze and where we will get it?
    • What are the resources, skills and funding requirements to execute a successful Social Intelligence Strategies?
    • How will we develop the organizational knowledge and agility to ensure a return on our investment?

Collecting massive amounts of data alone will not improve your business. Occasional analysis of tidbits of isolated information will likely throw off incorrect conclusions. Developing a plan and then putting on the shelf is a waste of time, money and employee goodwill.

Dakota Partners works with clients to develop robust Social Intelligence Solutions that enable organizations to capture a solid Return on Data Investment (RDI). We help you build a plan that identifies the data you need, the technology to manage it, the tools to analyze it, and create the new opportunities to use it to strengthen and grown your business.