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Back in the good old days of hunting and fishing, selling the dream was pretty easy.

All you needed was an staged, artsy picture of a grandfather bonding with his grandson out in the field to convey the passing of the torch and the enduring legacy of the America’s hunting heritage.

Good luck making that work now.

Our country no longer looks like it did in the 1950′s and the same tired messages that may have worked then don’t work today.

Marketers in the Conservation community, including NGOs and State Fish and Wildlife Agencies, need to create imagery and words that resonate with their Customers and reflect their lives and families.

Pop quiz:

  • Do you know how different ethnic groups react to men clad in camo?
  • How about the reaction some folks have to guns pointed in the air versus pointing toward the ground?
  • How about the reaction to all of the pictures of youngsters holding up dead deer heads?

Do you really believe that the answer is a simple translation of your wildlife rules and regulations into another language?

If you want to sell to people that don’t look like you, you better understand what motivates them to buy your product.