Customer Experience Strategies

Customer Experience is More Than Just Improving Customer Satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Experiences create fiercely loyal Customers and powerful Advocates for your organization. These Customers are more likely to recommend your services to friends and family – THE top driver influencing purchase decisions. Consumers that enjoy exceptional Customer Experiences will spend more money with you, and spend it more often over their lifetime.

Delivering a great Customer Experience is not a part-time activity managed by a select few but a business imperative involving the entire organization. It requires comprehensive strategies putting the Customer at the center of every activity a business undertakes.

Dakota Partners helps clients develop comprehensive Customer Experience Strategies that transform under-performing organizations into a customer-centric powerhouses.

Mapping the Customer Experience Journey

Your Customers travel along a winding path as they engage with your brand.

They meet you offline and online and move frequently between the two. They learn about your products directly from you and by word-of-mouth from friends and colleagues. Your message is filtered in the media and your marketing partners adjust your message to fit their brand’s objectives.

Some of these encounters are within your control but many are completely out of your control. The key to success is controlling the ones that you can, and reducing the ones that you cannot.

Creating a great Customer Experience requires organizations to walk this journey in a Customer’s shoes. Companies must walk this walk to live the same experience as a Customer who buys and uses its products and services. Experiencing the Customers’ joy, as well as the Customers’ pain, must occur before you can develop Customer Experience Strategies that deliver more joy and less pain!

Trusted Relationships, Not Anonymous Transactions

Customers want relationships with organizations that they can trust. Do your Customers trust you?

The old sales funnel model where marketing drove prospective Customers into the top and converted Customers out the bottom is dead. Today’s consumers want and demand ongoing conversations with companies they buy from. They want to do this 24×7 and in the places where they spend their time.

They expect to provide input and they expect to be heard. This demand creates an infinite engagement loop and a living, breathing and ongoing relationship with your Customers.

Customer Experience Strategies

Dakota Partners has developed a 4-step process to help clients build Customer Experience Strategies. We identify critical touch-points along the Customer’s journey and identify the right times, and in the right places, for you to drive engagement, trust, loyalty and sales.

Great Customer Experiences share the same characteristics:

    • consistency
    • personalization
    • efficiency
    • connectivity
    • relationships

We map these characteristics to critical touchpoints along the Customer Journey enabling clients to maximize their resources and budgets as they engage and persuade their Customers.

Step 1 – Customer Experience Vision Statement

We begin by helping you develop a Customer Experience Vision, the road map of the optimum Customer Journey from Awareness to Purchase to Advocacy and Repeat Buyer.

Participants in this process typically includes senior leadership, internal program managers plus critical Customer input and feedback. This statement becomes the one thing that directs all activities that touch a Customer. Much like a corporate vision, this statement is designed and created with the Customers’ wants, needs and desires at its core.

Without a clear Customer Experience Vision, organizations end up wasting time, resources and money. They miss opportunities and they undermining Customer loyalty.

Step 2 – Journey Mapping

The next step is to perform a thorough assessment of your Customers’ journey as they interact with your brand. Our audit will identify the key points of interaction along the Customer’s Journey that are most likely to influence purchases, create friend-to-friend recommendations and strengthen Customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Step 3 – Gap Analysis

We will create a Gap Analysis to identify those missing or failing touch points that the Customer encounters and will identify strategies and tactics that will transform a complacent Customer to satisfied user and brand evangelist.

Step 4 – Customer Experience Development Plan

With this critical information in hand Dakota Partners will create a comprehensive Customer Experience Development Plan to lift your organization to the next level.

This plan will be the framework for transforming your relationships with your Customers. This plan will be your road map to success, and will focus on critical components of your Customer Experience Strategy including:

    • Social Media
    • Content Marketing
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Product Development
    • Pricing
    • Human Capital Needs
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Funding Opportunities

We will also provide you with the tools to measure effectiveness and help you build the capabilities to adapt to constantly evolving Customer needs. Our goal is to help you design a plan to provide the best possible Customer Experiences every step along the way, today and tomorrow.